Payroll Processing Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine which Payroll Processing Team is assigned to my department or college?
Each college and department within Texas A&M University is assigned to one of three Payroll Processing Teams in the main Payroll Office. If you do not know which Processing Team is assigned to your department or college, please use the attached document to determine which team is assigned to you. This is who you would call for any payroll processing related questions you may have. A list of these team names and members, along with their contact info is listed below for your use. When one team member is out for the day, the other team member can assist you, so please feel free to contact either of them when you have a question.
Team "PhD"    
Hannah Buchanan 845-2782
Gale Wisby 845-2787
Amy Hejl 845-4058
Team "CEO"    
Sharon Wells 845-2760
Sze Sorrells  845-2797
Amie Scott 845-4793
Team "SWAT"    
Jennifer Guajardo Reyes 862-2898
Amber Cervantez 845-4737
Additional Payroll Processing Team Members    
Dawn Suehs 845-7129


How do I pay an employee that did not get paid because the EPA was in routing after payroll was processed?
Once the EPA has finished routing, a supplement must be completed by the hiring department to pay a monthly paid employee on the next biweekly payroll. For employees on TimeTraq, process an adjustment with the next biweekly payroll.
What is a regular full-time employee?
A regular full-time employee is one who is listed in the position identification database in a non-wage position identification number (PIN) for 100 percent time for at least four and one-half months, excluding students holding positions for which student status is a requirement for employment.
How does a college or department set up a new adloc?
In order to set up a new Administrative Location (adloc) for your college or department, please complete the Adloc Additions/Changes/Deletions form found on the Payroll Services website. If you have questions about the form, please use the contact information on the bottom of the form or send an email to
Who handles payroll corrections?
Payroll Services handles payroll corrections. Departments should process a payroll correction to move expenses to another account. This can be handled two ways.

1. A memo from someone with signature authority on the account requesting the transfer and a copy of the PVD (Payroll Voucher Detail) needs to be sent to Payroll Services at 1261 TAMU, along with the Transfer of Payroll Cost Between Accounts Form.


2. Departments can complete the Payroll Cost Transfer Request Form along with the Transfer of Payroll Cost Between Accounts Form.

Questions on this process can be sent to

A source of funding change EPA dated 12-1-2016 or later can be used with the needed forms attached, but this is not required.  

Reference SAP 25.99.99.M0.07.

Does the automatic email that is received by the employee after payroll has been processed contain the earnings data?
No it does not. Because email is not necessarily a secure application, no confidential information is included in the message. The automated message simply tells the employee that the earnings information is available on HR Connect. The employee can sign in to Single Sign On and choose the HR Connect tab. From there, they can access their pay stub in order to see the details of their earnings.
How can I tell if a USCIS-issued document has expired?
Some USCIS-issued documents, such as previous versions of the Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-151 and I-551), do not have expiration dates and are valid indefinitely. However, the 1989 revised version of the Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-551), which is rose-colored with computer readable data on the back, features a 2-year or 10-year expiration date. Other USCIS-issued documents such as the Temporary Resident Card (I-688) and the Employment Authorization Card (I-688A or I-688B) also have expiration dates. These dates can be found either on the face of the document or on a sticker attached to the back of the document.


What are the procedures for entering leave for employees during a University closing due to inclement weather or other campus emergency?
To create the most efficient time and leave recording for the majority of Texas A&M University's employees, the following process has been implemented for any early release/emergency leave hours. TimeTraq has a central calendar which can be used to book leave to all leave eligible employees. LeaveTraq does not have this feature.

The information below will assist departments in leave and payroll administration during the period of inclement weather or other campus emergency closure.

Payroll Procedures

Emergency leave will be entered into the TimeTraq Holiday/Early Release Schedule for the applicable days by the Central Administrator. The hours will appear in the employee's timesheets by opening the timesheet and clicking the 'Save' button. The entry of the hours from the Holiday/Early Release Schedule will not automatically remove any regular work hours already entered by the employee. If the employee had previously entered regular hours that now overlap the emergency leave hours, either the Manager or the Department Administrator can remove the "hours worked" if the employee was in fact out of the office due to the emergency.

Please be aware that Graduate Assistant Non-Teaching positions are not eligible to receive holiday hours. However, TimeTraq views these positions as budgeted employees and therefore assigns the TAMU Standard holiday schedule. Department administrators need to remove the TAMU Standard holiday/early release schedule in each Graduate Assistant's Employee Overview in TimeTraq. Removing the Holiday/Early Release Schedule for these positions will prevent holiday hours from posting to future timesheets when a holiday occurs. Also, if the holiday hours have posted to a Graduate Assistant's timesheet, either the Manager or Department Administrator can remove the holiday hours by viewing the Work Events of the Timesheet Overview.

In addition to Graduate Assistants, other employees who are ineligible for emergency leave should have that leave removed from their timesheets. Those ineligible for such leave include employees who are in a non-accruing position (student employee, wage employee, etc.); were not scheduled to work during the closure; or were on other paid leave (sick, sick leave pool, vacation, etc.) during the university closure.

Leave Procedures

Emergency leave for inclement weather or other campus emergency closure will be governed by policies addressing unsafe working or travel conditions. Please note the following procedures regarding the use of emergency leave:

TimeTraq and LeaveTraq should be adjusted for those employees who worked partial shifts during the closing. Eligible non-exempt (hourly) employees who were required to work during the emergency leave hours will receive equivalent compensatory time off or other appropriate compensation. Supervisors may use their discretion in revising schedules for those employees who work while the university is closed. Exempt (monthly) employees are not required to have emergency leave posted to their LeaveTraq account. Employees who are unable to report to work after the university has reopened may request additional emergency leave as explained here.

Additional Information

Additional information or instructions may follow where necessary. Please refer to the contact information below in the event additional assistance is required.

Benefits Office

Phone: (979) 862-1718

Payroll Services

Phone: (979)845-2711


System Regulation 31.01.09 - Overtime
System Regulation 31.03.03 - Leave of Absence with Pay
University Rule 31.03.M1 - Leave of Absence with Pay
Web Page - Worksite Closure Due to Unsafe Work Conditions

A new employee needs to enter time, but does not have a timesheet. How does the administrator create one?
Once the EPA process is complete, the new job/timesheet will be created in TimeTraq overnight. Another option is the Job Activation feature can be used by clicking on the Activation tab and entering the employee's UIN and PIN. Department administrators can then create a timesheet by using the Adloc/Pay Period Summary screen to change the "Match" criteria to "Missing Timesheets". The employee without a timesheet will be shown and by clicking the "Create" button, a timesheet will be created.
The payroll deadline is approaching and one or more timesheets have not been submitted. What should be done?
It is the manager's responsibility to make sure the employee's get their timesheets submitted and approved. Therefore, the administrator should work with the employee's manager and/or delegates to see that the timesheets are submitted and approved in a timely manner. If the deadline is approaching and the situation has not been resolved, the timesheet should be cancelled and, if needed, an adjustment may be made on the next pay period's timesheet.
If a timesheet needs to be approved and the manager is unavailable, what can be done?
A manager can use the Delegates function in TimeTraq to set up one or more Delegates who can act on his/her behalf. If this in not done in advance and an emergency situation arises, the department administrator can act as a Delegate for the manager and approve the timesheet.
Where can I find online resources to help me with TimeTraq questions?
TimeTraq help can be accessed by users at the following sites. The users do not have to be logged into TimeTraq to view these websites.

TimeTraq Help

TimeTraq Tutorials

Can an adjustment for a previous period be made to an employee's timesheet even though no hours are being reported for the current period?
Yes. The department administrator must enter the adjustment, mark it as "Done", and then submit the timesheet (with or without any hours for the current period).
If a person terminates in TimeTraq, how do they get paid?
Departments should send a completed Biweekly Supplemental Form to Payroll Services. Remember that supplemental forms must have an explanation and have all of the appropriate signatures. Please keep in mind that if you are submitting this form in order to pay an employee for lump sum vacation upon their termination, the EPA must be done before the payment can be made.
An employee received a pay increase and the EPA was just approved. Why don't I see his/her new pay rate in TimeTraq?
TimeTraq processes EPA changes overnight, so the new rate of pay will be automatically imported into TimeTraq the day after the EPA is approved. If you cannot wait overnight, you can use TimeTraq's Job Activation feature to update the information manually.
How does the Department Approver send the ADLOC’s timesheets to Payroll?
If all the timesheets and adjustments have been approved or cancelled, the Approver should log into TimeTraq using the "approver role", click on RP Review, and there should be a button that says "submit to Payroll". If there are timesheets that are incomplete, the approver will not have the ability to send the timesheets to Payroll.
How can a manager receive notification that Timesheets need to be approved?
Managers can use the Preferences function in TimeTraq to make changes to his/her notification profile in order to receive an email notification when there is something for them to approve.
Once an EPA has been completed to terminate an employee, will they automatically be removed from TimeTraq or do they need to be deactivated?
You should not have to deactivate the employee in TimeTraq. Once the EPA is approved to terminate the employee, BPP should communicate that information overnight to TimeTraq. However, much of this depends on the effective date of the termination and when the EPA is approved in Payroll. If the termination occurs in the middle of the pay period the employee will remain active until the following pay period. You may need to cancel a timesheet in that case. Your processing team in Payroll should be notified if you terminate someone and the person remains active from one pay period to the next.
How should holiday early release be handled for budgeted employees who have already submitted a timesheet and the timesheet has been approved?
The holiday schedule must first be updated, which is done by the Central Administrator in Payroll. The department administrator must then pull up the timesheets and perform the "Recalc Hours" function on them. TimeTraq will re-apply the holiday schedule to the timesheet and add hours that are not already present on the timesheet.
Can an employee choose to be paid for their overtime hours instead of banking them?
The default for comp time reverts to the department level and not the employee level. If the department comp default in TimeTraq is set to banked, then the employee must remember to indicate "paid" when submitting their timesheet. If the department as a whole wishes to change the default to paid rather than banked, the department administrator must notify the Central Administrator in Payroll to make the change.
What if I have an employee that worked less than their normal amount of budgeted hours?
TimeTraq will not let me submit their timesheets because it is less than the normal budgeted amount. You can edit the employee's profile and uncheck the "Enforce percent effort rule" box.
If the timesheet was submitted to a manager who is unable to approve the timesheet, who can do the approval?
The department can ask a delegate for the manager to approve the timesheets. Otherwise the timesheet would have to be rejected and resubmitted by the employee.

I hired an employee on 2/7/XXXX. When processing the EPA, I chose to edit the funding source line to reflect the hire date. The system will not let me enter a date of 2/7/XXXX.

The funding sources must cover the dates of the annual term. If funding sources are being split between several accounts, the "from" date should be the 1st or 16th of the month. The "to" date is always the 15th or last day of the month.


When processing an EPA, what effective date do I use for "transfer in" and "transfer out"?
The transfer in should show the first date the employee is in his/her new position, and the transfer out should use the first day the old position is vacant. (i.e. The last day the employee is in the old position is Wednesday, February 4th; the employee will start in the new position on Thursday, February 5th. Both the transfer in and the transfer out should have the effective date of February 5th.)
When do I use the "rehire" versus "new hire" reason when creating an EPA?
If an employee has ever worked in an “M” pin wage or budget position in the past, the hiring department must use the "rehire" option in the "recommended occupant action" field. Otherwise, use the "new hire" option for this field.
How long will it take to process an EPA form?
Employee Payroll Actions (EPAs) are usually processed within three working days. Turnaround times on printed forms should be about four working days.
What paperwork is needed for an EPA to rehire an employee?
If the employee is rehired within 30 days of his/her termination from an M PIN, no paperwork is required. If it has been more than 30 days, all new hire paperwork is needed. See the EPA Document Checklist.
What effective date should I use on an EPA for an employee who is terminating?
You should use the first day the position is vacant. (i.e. If the employee's last day to work was January 8th, your effective date for the termination would be January 9th.)
When do I use "end of term" in an EPA to terminate an employee?
You would use the option "end of term" when terminating an employee who works through the last day of their budgeted annual term.(i.e. An employee's annual term on the budget is 9/1- 5/31. The employee's last day of work is May 31st. Use "end of term" with effective date 5/31).
If an EPA document has been cancelled, can it be re-opened or edited?
No. Documents in canopy that are cancelled cannot be modified. This has been done so that document numbers will generally be in the same sequence that they were posted to BPP. If you have cancelled a document by mistake, simply create a new document.
What action must be taken to correct error message "Invalid Effective Date"?
Verify the effective date entered on the EPA form. If it is the same effective date used on the previous iteration, the position action must be retroactive. In this case, check the 'replace prior iteration' box.
When processing an EPA, how do I place an employee on Leave Without Pay? How do I take an employee off of Leave without Pay?
To place an employee on leave, you should use "New Iteration for the PIN", "Occupant Change", "Make Vacant", and "Start Leave." The effective date should be the first day the position is vacant. To return the employee from leave, use "New Iteration for the PIN", "Occupant Change", and "Return from Leave".
I just learned that an employee for which I processed either a hire or termination EPA has the wrong action effective date. How
do I fix this?
Please review the brief PowerPoint titled “Correcting a Hire or Term Date” that is found on the Payroll Services Payroll Processing Tools page.
How do I determine if an active employee should be a Promotion or a Transfer when creating an EPA?
Promotion (per System Regulation 31.01.01, Section 2.3.1): when an individual moves from one position to another position requiring higher qualifications, a higher rate of pay and a title change.


Transfer (per System Regulation 31.01.01, Section 2.3.4): when an individual moves from one position to another, both of which are assigned the same salary range, title or organization level.

Please refer to System Regulation 31.01.01 Compensation Administration and University Rule 31.01.01.M7 Employee Compensation Administration for full details.

Payroll Services will reject EPAs created for transfer or promotion that do not meet rules & regulation criteria described above.

Supplemental Pay

What types of payments are processed on a Biweekly Supplemental Form?
Lump sum vacation/annual leave, sick leave pay (Note: sick leave payments are paid only as a part of death benefits due), longevity, pay increases, approved merit increases, pay due for hours worked prior to the current pay period, pay due for hours awarded by the sick leave pool covering a prior pay period, and extra pay for biweekly paid employees. Please keep in mind that if you are submitting this form in order to pay an employee for lump sum vacation upon their termination, the EPA must be done before the payment can be made.
What types of payments are processed on a Monthly Supplemental Form?
Lump sum accrued vacation/sick leave pay (Note: sick leave payments are paid only as a part of Death Benefits Due), longevity, pay increases, approved merit increases; pay due for partial month prior to the current month, pay due for hours awarded by the sick leave pool covering prior months, and extra pay for monthly paid employees. Please keep in mind that if you are submitting this form in order to pay an employee for lump sum vacation upon their termination, the EPA must be done before the payment can be made.
Where can I find the supplemental forms needed by Payroll?
Click the Forms link located on the Payroll Services home page to find these and other forms.
How do I pay someone for compensation for a cash award?
The Award to Faculty, Staff or Student Worker is available on Payroll Services Forms page, can be completed online, and will automatically calculate the gross up amount if the department chooses to pay the taxes. Print out the completed form and submit to Payroll via campus mail, fax, or email. The form requires the Department Head or Dean's signature. If a paper check is requested, the person requesting the award will be notified when the check is ready for pick up. If the award is to be direct deposited, the payment will be made on the first available bi-weekly payday.
Which Supplemental form should I use to pay my employees?
For a monthly paid employee, use the Monthly Supplemental Form. For a bi-weekly paid employee, you would use the Biweekly Supplemental Form.
What kind of supplement do I need to process for a deceased employee?
Under most circumstances, you will need to process the following.
  1. a final check for wages
  2. a lump sum vacation payment
  3. a sick leave payment (for ½ of his/her sick leave)
  4. For Biweekly paid employees, you will use the Biweekly Supplemental Form where you can process all three payments on the same form.
  5. For Monthly paid employees use the Monthly Supplemental Form, the Partial Month Worksheet for a wage payment, and the Monthly Vacation/Sick Leave Payout Calculation Form
    for lump sum vacation and/or sick leave payout; each type of payout will require a separate set of forms.
How do I pay someone for teaching a Continuing Education Program?
Complete the appropriate Bi-weekly Supplemental Form or Monthly Supplemental Form found on the Payroll Services website (forms page) and attach the appropriate approval as per SAP 31.01.99.M0.02 Submit completed forms to Payroll Services as noted at the bottom of each form.
How do I pay someone from a different workstation within the A&M System?
Complete the appropriate supplemental and submit to that particular workstation.