GLACIER For Texas A&M Employees

Requesting a GLACIER Password for "M" pin Employees

NOTE: Departments making payments to Guest Speakers/Independent Contractors who are not TAMU employees should follow the GLACIER Password request procedures provided by Financial Management Operations – Accounts Payable.

1. Hiring department should email and include the following information:

    • Employee's first, middle, and last name
    • Employee's email address
    • Employee's pay period (monthly or biweekly)
    • Employee's hiring department
    • Employee's UIN Number

2. Tax Compliance & Reporting receives email request and sends password to employee via e-mail.  (If more than three new hires request spreadsheet.)

3. Employee receives email notification of password and the log-in instructions for GLACIER.

4. Employee enters personal data and answers questions similar to those included on the History of Presence form.

5. GLACIER completes and prints the following:

    • Tax Summary Report (formerly History of Presence Form)
    • W-4 Form (if employee is a Nonresident Alien) Note: If the employee is a Resident Alien for tax purposes based on the personal data entered in step 4 above, GLACIER will instruct the individual to complete a W-4 as a U.S. citizen. In this instance the employee needs to complete box 3 and 5 on the GLACIER printed W-4.
    • 8233 Form (if employee is eligible for tax treaty)
    • Attachments to 8233 Form

6. GLACIER instructs the employee to submit forms listed in step 5 to Tax Compliance & Reporting.

7. Employee submits forms to Tax Compliance & Reporting.

8. Only hard copies with original ink signatures and dates are acceptable.

Note to Departments: The New Hire Packet that is submitted to Payroll by the hiring department must include a completed W-4. Departments may have the employee use the W-4 from the Payroll website, or wait until the employee provides the pre-printed W-4 from GLACIER to submit with the New Hire Packet.

Departments may obtain additional information on the need for individuals who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents to enter data through GLACIER by reviewing the GLACIER FAQ on the Payroll Services website.

Please contact International Tax at 845-2711 or email for questions or assistance.