Individual Check Distribution

TAMU departments that achieve and maintain an exceptionally high participation rate in the University's Direct Deposit Program may request that payroll checks be distributed by Payroll Services to individual employees who are not enrolled in direct deposit. 

Departments must achieve and maintain a minimum participation rate of 90% of the total monthly or biweekly employees, or have no more than ten (10) employees who continue to receive checks, i.e., do not participate in Direct Deposit.  Monthly and bi-weekly participation counts will be considered separately.

Prior to implementation of the change in distribution methods, from departmental to individual, the director or department head must request the change by emailing and request the change for either biweekly, monthly or both.  Upon approval, the department must notify the employees that those who elect to continue receiving paper checks will be required to pick up their checks personally from Payroll Services. The notification should be provided in enough advance of the change to allow individual employees sufficient time to plan for picking up checks at a location other than the department.

Quarterly review of a department's direct deposit participation may result in notification by Payroll Services that distribution will revert to departmental distribution depending upon decreased participation in direct deposit or other related factors. Questions regarding check distribution should be directed to