About Payroll Services

Howdy! Welcome to Payroll Services. We are the primary resource for payroll processing for Texas A&M University as well as tax, employment verifications and distribution of payroll related documents to employees and campus departments. Employees may also contact Payroll Services when enrolling in Optional Retirement Programs (ORP). Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and Tax Deferred Annuities (TDA).

If you have questions or comments about what we do or how we might do it better, please contact me.

Danny Grimes
Director, Payroll Services
Texas A&M University

Payroll Services comprises three functional areas:

Payroll Processing – The Payroll Processing area is responsible for the review and processing of Electronic Monthly Payroll, Bi-Weekly Payroll, TimeTraq, Supplemental Payments, Employee Payroll Actions (EPA) and required employment documentation in accordance with Texas A&M University policies, as well as state and federal laws and regulations.

Our Services:

  • Timely and accurate payments to employees
  • Review and processing of Employee Payroll Actions (EPA)
  • Review and processing of Electronic Monthly Payroll
  • Review and processing of Bi-Weekly Payroll (TimeTraq)
  • Provide assistance to Departmental Administrators/Liaisons with Payroll Processing

Distribution, Imaging and Employment Verifications – The Distribution, Imaging and Employment Verifications section of Payroll Services is responsible for printing and distributing all payroll related reports, checks, and earnings registers to all departments and employees of the University. We also process verifications of service for longevity and retirement purposes and employment verifications for loans. We complete all digital imaging of payroll documents and maintain the online payroll reports for all University departments.

Our services:

  • Print and distribute paper checks, earnings registers, and reports
  • Process employee verifications
  • Image all payroll documents and maintain online payroll reports
  • Process all court ordered deductions, tax levies, bankruptcy and student loan garnishments

Individual Tax Compliance & Reporting – The Tax section is responsible for a variety of services with regards to tax matters as they relate to payments made to individuals whether they are employees, vendors or students.

Our services:

  • Furnish tax statements such as W-2, 1042-S, 1098-T, 1098-E and 1099.
  • Prepare quarterly tax reports such as Form 941 and state income tax withholding for states other than Texas.
  • Training workshops on nonresident alien tax issues.
  • Process payroll correction requests from TAMU departments such as transfers between funds, check cancellations, refunds etc.
  • Provide assistance to employees with Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Optional Retirement Program (ORP), Tax Deferred Annuities (TDA) and DCP matters.
  • Prepare and furnish reports to the Teacher Retirement System.
  • Serve as subject matter experts for individuals, departments and other institutions of higher educations with regards to tax and retirement issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to BPP programmers with programming matters due to tax law changes.